Do You Scentsy?

Girl!  What is this “Sentsy Stuff” you’re always posting about?

I swear (Hand to the man), I’ve gotten this text more than 10 times!  KMSL!!

As a consultant I always think my friends know what Scentsy is and how it’s changed my life.  I thought I was posting too much on my FB page, but they are still wondering…  Well here is my version–>>

I first saw a post about Scentsy maybe 3 years ago during the winter of 2014 when I was FB stalking someone.  I thought “why are they posting about this it’s just a wax warmer”… now mind you this was back in my ‘hateraide’ moody days, so I just didn’t care what she was even talking about.  Little did I know, God had planted a seed…

During the fall of 2016 I started looking for something to do while on leave from teaching and found a DIY laundry detergent that used “Scentsy Whiffs” as one of the ingredients.  I followed the link and low and behold it was like a light flashed in front of my eyes!  Not only was it a from home direct sales company BUT it was Candles…well WICKLESS Candles.  I was hooked immediately.  I literally joined on the spot, I mean YOU CAN’T GO WRONG with home décor & fragrances.  So I ordered my start-up kit and those ‘Whiffs’ I needed as well as 1 warmer and 1 bar of wax.  Hey all I know is when the Lord says move, you MOVE without hesitation.  Some may call that impulse buying…but I call it The Spirit of the Lord moving within you. Midnight Copper

So here I am a “Wax Slinger” and I LOVE it.  I love selling friends and family a better option to burning candles in their homes.  I love selling the BEST product on the market for home/body/travel/lifestyle fragrance.  Trust me when I say SCENTSY IS THE BEST, it is the BEST WAX/WARMER system you can buy. I’ve had a Yankee (we’re there biggest competition) manager come to my house, try the product and order on the spot.

“I’m not gonna lie, this is a waaay better product.  And y’all have a lifetime warranty?  There’s no way we could offer that!” -EM

That’s my Scentsy story.  Check my site out and tell me what you think.

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