Thirty-One Gifts To The Rescue

The Power of Tactile Daily Organization

As this is my first post I’ve decided to share my biggest seller with you!

Meet “Wall Together Pocket Board / Pin Board.”  $20.00

     Within my past 3 party’s I’ve placed orders totaling 13 of these!  Hands down this is by far my best organizational system that I use, even better than that dang planner of mine! LOL  I originally began with one pocket board and used one pocket for “Kid 1” and the other for “Kid 2”, it worked out so well that I ordered another pocket board along with the other style the pin board.

     With so many moving parts throughout my day I needed a system a little more tactile to organize myself.  It’s amazing how greatly your focus and task accomplishments improve when you can put your hands on it, move it around and fit it into a place that works.

If you’re struggling with keeping up with a daily planner like I was, contact me and try my “Wall Together System“!!


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